Who are we?

Who are we?

We are soul family. 

Indeed we are as a soul family, because we connect on the mental in other words, truth resonates

within us all and puts us in position of discovering our true cellfs. We are all divine beings on the

path of self-discovery and realization of our unlimited potential in the vast stream in river of time

which is nothing but a drop in the vastness and the majesty of existence.

Why crystals?

Crystals are most stable structures on our physical plane.

Some as old 4.4 billion years as zircon crystals from the Jack Hills of western Australia.

You can always rely on them as what you put in is reflected without as above so within, as within so without, as the body so the mind as the universe so the soul, we are all fundamentally crystals because we are mostly water.

So our physical realm intensly interfere with Crystal bodies. That’s why the have such strong grounding effects on us because they represent stability.

What are chakras? Chakras are nothing but our glands With heart being our master gland, as the fetus evolves first fundamentally what it begin as after sufficient cell division is The Heart, then brain and other organs evolve If you are in tune with the nature and your true cellfs your chakras will be open to receive and reflect, your Kundalini energies will be able to flow freely and put you on a higher vibration, and greatly enhance your life, purpose and true happiness as Thoth stated: the things man count great are nothing to us.

What truly matter is the essence and the purity of the soul. Point blank period.

You are nor director or the actor your are both. You are even in the camera that gets this all, shocked you’ll be but you are everything outside. It’s harder to describe but everything you read or heard you made inside your mind, It’s you who wrote this, ressurected in new realm and different body, different thought. Not even mind in which you dewll in this embodiment and thought, but within divine, all knowing space of thought that made this stream of life just part of all Why crystals bracelets?

Because they work.