Signs belonging to the element of Water are CancerScorpio and Pisces. This makes the entire need of this element a bit complicated, for the ruler of Cancer falls in Scorpio, and Pisces seem to be there to hide its body. Perhaps this is the greatest task of all, for each of us to embrace emotion, accept the negative as much as the positive, anger and sadness as much as love.

Typical representatives of the element of Air have often been said to be too emotional. They could deal with a lot of suffering before they realize that there is no such thing. Their sensitivity and fragile nature make them perfect for advisors and compassionate therapists, helping those with deep emotional problems. They came to this planet to teach everyone else that love is truly endless and feelings our greatest quality.


How Do We Balance Water?

People with accented element of Water have something to learn about their emotional nature. This is the element of greatest possibilities but often puts us to sleep and makes it impossible for a person to creatively express themselves. This is a field of all talents and everything that was left for us to take in this lifetime. Here lies the river of everyone that lived before us and everyone that is ever going to be born.

Water is a pool of endless possibility and it is almost impossible to find direction in it if there is no contact with Fire. The element of Fire burns bright as a guiding light, and gives person energy, passion and direction where their talents can be found and properly used through creation. Element of Water standing alone simply carries us from shore to shore, from left to right, and even though life can be magical and dreamy inside it, we could simply be spinning in circles without every finding a way out.